Negative Impact Of Technology In Education

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Technology is something that can make a student’s life easier as compared to a student without access to technology.The positive impacts of technology in education for students is that they can find out informations they need for their essays or assignments easily just by turning on their computer and going on the internet to find out the information they need.This way,students can now easily find all types of information easier and faster than ever before through their computers or smartphones.

Instead of writing everything down on the whiteboard which every student will definitely be bored and not focus,technology can be used by teacher to let them make their lesson more entertaining and not boring by using the projector to teach their lessons in slide show with interesting videos and colourful pictures.

There are many ways that technology can do to help students learn comfortably,and that allows them to remember information.For example,lessons or activities can be conducted on laptop or tablets,this allows students to learn in their own pace.It also allow the teacher to have time to give assistance and guidance to students who do not understand and have trouble in their work.

2.2 Negative Impact of technology in education
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