Negative Impact Of Technology On Children Essay

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NEGATIVE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON CHILDREN With today’s technology, society has access to knowledge, news, and the latest trends at hand, with just a push of a button. Technology has advanced beyond its time the last twenty years, and it is justified to say all are benefiting from this cutting edge of innovation and modernization of obtaining facts for educational or recreational purposes. Children are using smart tablets, laptops, and computers daily within their classroom and homes, however, has technology taken place of children thinking for themselves? What are the negative impacts of technology? With all the advancements and positive effects technology has done, is there a possibility too much of a good thing is a terrible thing? The research papers from University of Wisconsin and University of Rhode Island have shared…show more content…
Since children can stay “plugged in” with cell phones, tablets, or other electronic devices, these interruptions pull children in so much, they do not have time to look away from these devices. “According to an article in Time magazine, eight to eighteen year olds spend seven hours and thirty-eight minutes a day using entertainment media” (Hatch, 2011). These distractions can distort the way children learn, and if continued behavior happens of staying “plugged in”, continuous partial attention (CPA) may occur. CPA is the use of technology compelling attention to divide between several responsibilities. Attention is only partially given to several things, but full attention is never given to any task. According to another article in New York times, “multitaskers actually have more trouble focusing and shutting out irrelevant information…and they experience more stress” (Hatch, 2011). Children are accustomed to continuous reminders from electronic devices, and they cannot distinguish between insignificant information from crucial
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