Negative Impact Of The Internet

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The negative impact of the Internet on modern communities In the 21 century, the Internet usage has increased rapidly. The Internet usage rise approximately 2,925,249,355 in 2014 ( Internet Live Stats,2014) . Thanks to the Internet, now everything has become easier, faster and it has several ways of entertainment. In addition, the Internet become available to users around the world as a result of the Internet, even language has changed. Therefore, the Internet control a part in joining developments between countries, also it has modernized communication which brought the world together and it has done so with the ease of a simple click. As mentioned by Jaffe ( 2010 ), 1.5 billion Internet users around the world today, the Internet has become an integral part our society. However, users can use the Internet in a proper way and some of them use it totally in inappropriate way, which leads addiction to…show more content…
One of the Internet negatives that is very common using the Internet continuously can cause damage to eyes and brain. However, the Internet plays a huge role in people’s life that leaves a strong impact on them emotionally, socially and educationally specifically in teenagers. Teenagers can be affected emotionally by the Internet . Internet can catch or attract teenagers’ attention, and they over use it. Reports shows that teens and children have issues in sleeping , anxiety or concern , isolation and depression because of using technology too much like the Internet. Teenagers wasting their time on the Internet, which lead emotional problems, because teenagers are the most influential group. Therefor, many teenagers will suffer some mental issues such as
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