Negative Impact Of Video Games On Children

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Impact of video games on Children

Video games have become so popular nowadays not only in children but adults also. Because

video games provide unique type of entertainment which encourages the player whether a child

or adult to participate in it. Although video games have been popular from more than 30 years

but still its popularity is increasing day by day as the advance technology is taking place. It has a

great influence on players’ mind; physically and emotionally than they pay attention while

watching television or using computer.

So what does this mean for our kids nowadays?

Everything has two sides, the positive one and the negative side. It depends on us which side we

choose. Where there are some negative impacts of
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Because video games are so prominent in children’s lives, it is difficult to stop them from

playing video games completely, but is that even necessary? As there is a huge variety of games

out there, it impossible to say or predict if video games are good or bad. But we can describes its

pros and cons as there is a lot of research carried out on this topic.

Negative aspects of video games

There are various types of video games available in today’s industry. Video games are

deliberated to target different facets of a child’s life. These video games are consisted of a

variety of educational, serious, and casual games, but in reality, what child is going to choose a

game about learning versus a game where they can kill zombies or drive cars at unruly amounts

of speed? A study from Buchman and Funk found that “violent games became consistently

popular across grades for both boys and girls” (Cesarone, 1998). Educational games were

more popular for some of the girls being asked, but throughout all the age groups, violent video

Studies have shown that those children who play more violent games have a severe effect of this

violence in their daily life as well, they tend to try these use fights and stunts at home
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Kids get the lazy mind-set and would

rather not go play outside.

Benefits of Playing Video Games

Where there are negative aspects of video games, there are some benefits too. As research has

shown that video games can be beneficial for the cognitive function of a child. The first and

foremost thing one discovers in a game is that following directions is of the utmost importance.

In order to progress in games, one must first learn to follow the guidelines, restrictions and

components of them. As the player confronts new challenges, he must use problem-solving to

find solutions. This is true for educational games, mind games, and RPGs alike. In relation to

resources (simulation games), mapping, pattern recognition, how to judge the situation and

practice reading (with directions, dialogue, etc.) and quantitative calculations (through

educational games, managing finances, buying and selling for profit, etc. (Tumbokon, 2014).

this, the player can also learn strategy and anticipation, management of

Video games also increase hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and
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