Persuasive Essay On Graffiti

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Graffiti has become big business for upcoming artists. This form of art has always been scrutinized by many for its vandalistic nature. Graffiti is considered to be drawings, paintings or other markings on surfaces in public places as the art career project states ( Art has existed during the times of the caveman 32,000 years ago, where evidence of writings on the cave walls appeared showing images of animals and human figures (Mohammed). It is still illegal for it to be done publicly without permission or consent by the owner of the property. I can remember an occasion while attending secondary school when I did a drawing of a couple of popular cartoon characters on a table top. The curiosities of other students lead them to ask who did that drawing on the table top. My friend and I knew that it was wrong to drawing on the table which was school property. We decided that no one could find out that I had done the drawing because that would have led to detention. Today, as a graphic design student,…show more content…
Regardless of this fact, many people may still consider graffiti as vandalism. Some also continue to associate it with crime as many idle hands with artistic abilities do graffiti illegally. Despite this fact, many large recognizable companies such as Coca Cola and Microsoft have hired graffiti artists to do murals within their buildings. Many people have opted to hiring the artists so that they can do more acceptable graffiti artwork ( With a change such as this shows that a graffiti artist can gain employment by doing this type of artwork. The availability of these employment opportunities gives a graffiti artist a start at a career by doing this art and building a portfolio of murals. It can also have positive effects with the elimination of graffiti being branded as vandalism though many rebels will still keep that branding
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