Negative Impact On Managed Care

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Studies show that manage care that have a higher level of control on patient care it leads to lower medical cost and hospital inflation on cost(Bundorf, Schulman, Stafford, Gaskin, Jollis & Escare, 2004). Also, manage care controls the fees that are paid to physician and manage medical equipment that is provided to the patients (Bundorf, Schulman, Stafford, Gaskin, Jollis & Escare, 2004). The studies show that it is a spillover for manage care and it affects the no managed care patients (Bundorf, Schulman, Stafford, Gaskin, Jollis & Escare, 2004). Most doctors feel that manage care is a positive step for controlling the cost for healthcare. They also, feel that it have a negative impact on medical care (Deom, Agoritsas, Bovier & Perneger, 2010). For example, a breakdown in the communicate between the patient and physician.…show more content…
Examining the affordable care act (ACA) the expansion of Medicaid will affect the manage care in a big impact (Stefanacci, 2012). According to Stefanacci (2012)manage care organizations will run into the problem of finding primary care providers(PCP) for the more people that will sign up for Medicaid. The affordable care act will have a positive effect on manage care in the long run. I will help alleviate the use of the emergency department for a primary care physician (PCP). It promotes a more healthy population. Help individuals manage their health better by providing them preventive care and reduce the cost for everyone
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