Negative Impacts Of Coal And Energy

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What negative impact does coal produced energy do to our environment? There are many issues with coal produced energy. Coal produced energy can lead to people getting asthma, chronic bronchitis and even premature death. That’s only some of the some of the negative impacts coal produced energy does. I believe that coal is bad for the earth, plants, animals and humans based on the information I have collected. Coal can hurt the earth and also cause air pollution. We have to find a way to make coal produced energy extinct.

Coal and why it’s dirty: Coal… if tiny doses of these chemicals get into our drinking water we will most likely get really sick and/or die. Did you know that coal powers 39% of the world’s energy, and coal is the most used energy source! Coal plants generate mercury, lead and arsenic which are all deadly and toxic .. We still use coal because it is the cheapest energy source to run. But I believe that spending a little bit more money to produce cleaner energy is more logical and smart, but, that’s my opinion. But to me coal is just a waste of money and is damaging our environment and is putting us in global warming. Not only is it hurting the environment it is also hurting the economy.

What is coal? Coal is a fossil fuel. Did you know that fossil
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Coal also incurs substantial economic costs for the states that rely on it, especially when they import LARGE amounts of coal from other states. A significant number of U.S coal plants use cooling systems, which involve large amounts of water, this can cause water energy collisions, which occur when insufficient water is available or water temperatures are too warm for power plant cooling. “Investing in old coal power plants and making new ones does not make sense. Current technological economic and policy trends make such commitments exceeding risky, both from a financial and environmental perspective.”
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