Negative Impacts Of Cyber Crime And Crime In Social Media

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Hello Social Media Social media is an online media, the users can easily participate instagram, facebook, twitter, line, snapchat and etc, is the form of social media that mostly used by the community arround the world, social media in the present moment is so much benefit to the public, and with the various of features which are provided, certainly bring positive impacts for the user on the other hand can also cause negative impacts is is not wisely used. The negative impacts for its users such as, First depression is a common term to describea sad feeling to a deep, or depressed the depression can lead to loss of interest and passion within evenable to push to commit suicide. Second stalking, be interpreted as behavior like peeking, however in the context of social media stalking to refer the courious that against a person, so do stalking in the depth, tottaly obsessed with the person is not fair. Narcissistic personality people with narassistic will be people who are arrogant, selfish and can’t empathize with others. They are always expecting praise and admiration of people around him. They are so hard to establish relationships with others people and vuinerable ithreatened with depression. Narcissistic personality people like to show off photos or selfie of himself with a variety of styles in social media. Cyber crime is the criminal act a crime committed on the internet technology, both attacking public facillities in cyberscape or private property for example is

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