Negative Impacts Of Mass Media

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The progress of technology has made mass media more accessible to people. The mass media, especially the electronic media, is quicker in making its impact on the people and the impact is also long lasting. While the radio and television are a powerful medium for appealing to mass audiences, it reaches people regardless of age, sex, income, or educational level. In addition, television offers sight and sound, and it makes dramatic and lifelike representations of person’s life.
Radio and television play a vital role in the lifestyle of the people. At the basic level, they inform people about various things in various ways and through a variety of programs. For example, in a country like India, that has a high rate of illiteracy, when radio and
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By the end of the 1950s, most countries in the Western hemisphere had access to one or more television channels and it becomes one of the most popular products in AMERICA. As a result, it helped make professional and college sports big businesses, and sometimes provided excellent comedy and dramatic shows to vast audiences that might not otherwise have had access to them. However, this result impacts positively and negatively in American society and across the world.
For instance, here are some examples of negative impact in US:
• Children Watching Violent Broadcast TV Shows Exposed to Guns or Bladed Weapons Every 3 Minutes.
• The most violent shows on broadcast TV have essentially similar levels of violence as the most violent cable TV shows, rendering untrue the popular assumption that broadcast TV is a “safer” media environment for children.
• 2/3 of children in the United States have television sets in their bedrooms.
• Children watch about 28 hours of television a
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While the world population is continually growing, our global world seems to be getting smaller as we are able to connect to people in a way that was never imagined. Radio and television were among the early contributors to this new form of mass media and played a role in affecting world political views and religious beliefs as well as changing how we view literacy in an educational setting. However, these technologies started off as a form of entertainment, people quickly began to see the advancements and benefits that these technologies could bring to an educational setting. As with any new technology, the use of radio and television has a big influence and power when it starts in the 20 century Although both are significant in the history of mass communications , the television dramatically influenced how people viewed the world, especially war and political activities. After mid-century, television programming changed the daily family life where it was encouraging gatherings around television sets. For example, television events have a big power to brought the life into living rooms around the country and altered public understanding of the world around us by watching the daily news and educational channels. On the other hand, Nowadays people they don’t need to sit and watch TV or listen to radio at home. Technology become more and more
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