Negative Impacts Of Microsoft Excel

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Negative impact of Microsoft Excel One of the negative impact is the information in the Microsoft Excel is insecure and not confidential. Even the user can use Microsoft Excel to protect the information to keep it remain unchanged and unedited but cannot prevent the important information leakage or expose to others. Although the Microsoft Excel can assist the user to hide, lock, and protect workbook but the confidential information that record or save in the workbook is not secure. Moreover, these function only use to assist the user to remain the data or formulas and prevents the other user to view, edit or modify the information. This is because the user might lock or protect certain raw or column and not allow others to edit it but the others user still can view the data. For example, even the teacher lock certain raw and column to prevent the student changing his or her exam score but the students still able to see their own and their friend exam score. In this situation, even the the other user cannot change, edit or modify the but they can also read and get the information in the form the same Microsoft Excel worksheet thorough copy and paste the protected data. The second negative impact of using Microsoft Excel is the important information may be hidden. Moreover, when the information or the description of an item contain too many words place in the same rows and column, the Microsoft Excel will only show the first few words and auto hide the rest of the
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