Negative Impacts Of Technology Essay

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Negative Impacts of Technology in Our Society
Technology has evolved to great extents over the years, its simply amazing how it has positively impacted our lives in a great way, and just made our lives that much easier, you can communicate with our family that live on the other side of the globe with just a touch of a button or get enlightened with nurturing information. This is all great, but what we are not realizing is technology can also be a negative influence on our lives, so this is what I will be discussing throughout this essay. These influences could be surprising to you but do apply to various types of people in our society.
The word isolation in this context means lack of contact and interaction between other humans in varied types of environments, this could be your work place, school, home, mall or where ever you may be. We as humans have been isolated in our own little planet gazing away and being tunnel visionining themselves in an endless world of the latest or the newest devises or whatever it may be, people in this era have a tendency to isolate themselves and be anti-social. An article written in 2009 by the Pew Research Center
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and I need! Changing the old with the new, this negatively increases the levels of toxicity in our land and air on Earth (Our Home), also electronic waste is not always disposed of properly causing deadly chemicals dwell in to the ground, e.g. Mercury, its used in the Gyroscope (Sensor) in probably every phone past 2009, and from scientific understanding we know that Mercury is a deadly element to many life forms, and its worrying to know that the waste is not disposed of properly, and if not dealt with correctly it could lead to harm any animals or any living creature in the proximity. I have also found out that there are little to no regulations of disposal of the personal electronic waste, and how people deal with it. This is a major concern to take into
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