Negative Impacts Of Tourism Essay

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Negative Impacts of Events The following negative generic social impacts of tourism can also be ascribed to events. ● Disruption of the lifestyle of residents. Sherwood (2007) refers to increase in traffic and noise and general disruption to normal daily routines caused by the hosting of an event in the destination. The traffic flow should be arranged in advance with the help of local police, increasing the work load of the local traffic police. The display of fireworks should be arranged in a place where there can be minimum or no damage to humans or the property around. Furthermore noise and congestion accredit to an influx of event visitors in the host destination. ● Commodification, staged authenticity and standardization. Commodification implies that the demands of higher return on investment as led to the mutation and sometimes the destruction of the meaning of cultural performances and…show more content…
Sexual exploitation has grown rapidly in some tourism destinations. Some event attendees travel abroad to enjoy unrestricted casual sexual encounters. Major event destinations and tourism markets such as Thailand and Central European countries have actively advertised the sexual content of their products. The grave danger of this growth has led to increase in number of people suffering from HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (Cooper et al., 2005, pp. 239-247). ● Health. The global outbreaks of avian influenza A (called H7N9), swine flu (H1N1 infection) and ebola affecting humans pose a public health risk to event attendees as well as the host populations. The immunity level of people in different parts of the world is different. More than 8500 cases of malaria-infections have been recorded in the UK, as a result of tourist and visiting friends and relatives (VFR) traffic to malaria infected destinations. Although these diseases are curable, they can cause economic and social stress to the less immune host community. (Cooper et al., 2005, pp.
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