Argumentative Essay: Should We Maintain Zoos?

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In every country, we can find a zoo easily. People could see whatever they want to see in the zoo and visitors who visit the zoo hangover in the zoo with making the loud noise. They act like this because they think they are safe thank to the fence which lock up the wild animals to the visitors. In these inhumane situation, There are taut confrontation of opinions in the world since zoos were built. Of course, zoo has positive effects in that it can give educational effects and happy memory to human. However, is it right to manage zoo if animals have the animal rights like human rights which make human can do whatever they want. Although some people insist that we should have to maintain the zoo, we have to prohibit the zoo in order to protect…show more content…
But it is just stereotype that we have to protect all the animals when they are in danger. Website The states that "Everything will eventually starve to death if we allow everything to live. Then w 'ere REALLY monsters as humans. Look at Yellowstone. There are many examples of the negative consequences of over protection - we almost made certain trees extinct when we protected them from fire. Many examples. Its a bad idea. Just let nature do its thing." (‘Should We Protect Endangered Species?’) . In making this comment, opposition to remaining the zoo argues that humans don’t have to remain the zoo in order to protect the endangered animal. They said we just wait and see how they survive from the ever-changing environment. Moreover, they insist that "we should not protect endangered species. There are already many species that have become extinct, either because their habitat was destroyed, a food supply ceased to exist, or they were hunted to extinction. No amount of laws and watchdogs can guarantee that a species will survive. As mankind and civilization spread out over the world, more animals will be become extinct. It is not realistic to think we can protect them all." (‘Should We Protect Endangered Species?’) . Whatever we do we can’t save all the animals which is in danger and this just grow the stereotype that animals in under human’s
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