Negative Influence Of Fashion

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“Young women between the ages of 18-34 has a 7% chance of being as slim as a catwalk model and a 1% chance of being as thin as a supermodel” (“Eating”). As the fashion industry and the beauty industry are popular, they are able to influence society into what the ideal body type is. Men and women compete for the perfect body type and are dependent on fashion and beauty industries to define what a human should look like. When society is brainwashed into believing this beauty standard, people have no other choice but to reach that unrealistic goal. Skewed advertisements from beauty and fashion industries have resulted in people in society to be negatively affected. Ads from famous fashion and beauty companies have flooded and streets and the screens globally. Normally, men and women of all shapes and sizes should be able to a part of the fashion industry, yet, that is not the case. Women noticed that “while the average size of women is from 8-14, the fashion industry is classifying that span as plus size” (Gauthreaux). Companies persuade women that their size is not normal when it actually is. Current ads for certain fashion lines have only a few models with a specific body type: petite. Models with this rare body type are used to mislead women in society to believe that a model’s body is perfectly normal, not theirs. Not only have women noticed that beauty standards are unrealistic in magazines and online, but in real life. Numerous of women have complained to fashion

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