Negative Influences Of The Renaissance

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The Influence of the Medici When describing the Renaissance the first elements that come to mind is the rebirth of art. While art is one of the main things that took a new form there was also a restructuring in economics, education, and a change with those in political positions. There has always been a family in power throughout all of history, and while those families in power did have certain control over some of the areas around them. There was no family that was ever in such full control like the Medici family. The Medici family is known as the “Godfathers of the Renaissance”. They are not only responsible for being patrons to some of the greatest innovators of their time but also changing the way life was done around them. The influence of the Medici family throughout the Renaissance period is an example of the common themes theory as the family helped with new economic development through their patronage in the arts and education. At the start of the Renaissance there was not a unit of power that truly took control of the city of Florence, until the Medici came into power. There was only religious control telling the people what they could and could not do and even those in charge of religious positions fell to corruption. People were unable to make decisions with out fear that they will be killed or persecuted for those actions. This brought forth the economic problem of safety, as explained in The Western Culture notes, “a society under threat will be limited
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