Negative Influences On Stanislavski's Life

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n this article, Carnicke first explains how Stanislavski’s early life influenced his adulthood career path, as a result of him being born into a wealthy family with a love of the arts, including theatre. However, she also describes how this was a disadvantage to him, as due to the idea in society that acting was a profession for the lower class, Stanislavski was forced to write under a fake name. Carnicke also focuses on many of the other challenges Stanislavski faced during his career, such as conflict with his colleagues on the correct acting method, as well as more drastically, political revolution which financially challenged the Moscow Arts Theatre, and forced Stanislavski to abandon his more experimental projects, outside of the realms of realism, due to pressure from the government.…show more content…
However, despite her sparse accounts of Stanislavski’s success in life, Carnicke’s descriptions of his struggles greatly help the reader to understand some of the most significant influences to Stanislavski’s
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