Negative Issues In Football

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It is a big discussion and severe problem kids and parents have on playing the sport. Children, parents, coaches, siblings, peers, teammates are all are affected. Kids play football every season while getting hurt much of the time. Kids get life changing as well as ending injuries every day. Kids get concussions that lead to CTE and some also get serious neck injuries and are sometimes paralyzed for the rest of their lives. People say it is the coaches’ fault and they should do more about the issue. Others also say it’s the kids for getting into the sport knowing the risks as they pertain to the sport of football. Parents also say that the sport is too physical and should reduce physical contact. Life ending injuries in sports could be reduced…show more content…
I have been playing the sport all of my life and have seen multiple sports players get seriously injured. During the season of 2017-18, a fellow football player from St. Paul’s, Michael Doherty, was paralyzed from below the arms. He was playing in a game, trying to tackle a football player, in turn, paralyzing himself. He is just like any of us other football players. I haven’t experienced it, but I am sure that kind of thing would be detrimental to a kid. That is time from a kid that he can’t get back. Football itself is a very dangerous sport between the whistles, no matter what kind of play occurs. It also doesn’t even matter what position you play. In this show Friday Night Lights, the quarterback, Jason Street, was in the middle of one of the most important high school football game of his life. He made a mistake by reading the defense incorrectly, making him throw an interception. With all the pressure his coaches put on him and his frustration, he ran up to the defender, without being taught the correct tackling technique, and broke his neck just to be paralyzed for the rest of his life. His family could not afford to pay for all the medical bills, so they did what they had to do. They sued the coach for not teaching him how to tackle because the coaches got too caught up in the years before when they won championships, feeling like winning was their only responsibility in the city of Dillon,
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