What Does It Mean To Be A Barbarian

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“Barbarian.” What does it mean to be a barbarian? Do you have a schema in your mind and logic about what it means to be a barbarian and what they stand for? According to Rene Grousset, the great barbarians irrupted into ares where the civilizations were developed and within a short amount of time, turn the Roman, Arabian, Chinese and Indian world into dust and change the history of these developed historical civilizations. Although, it may seem as if the barbarians had bad intentions towards other civilizations I beg to differ. Note that the perception of the barbarians were made from the developed civilizations such as Greco-Roman, Arabian, Indian and Chinese, but their view of the barbarians changed over time. Although, to some the word “barbarian” meant “foreign,” none of the developed civilizations considered one another to be barbaric.…show more content…
According to them the word “barbarian” meant “uncivilized.” They saw the barbarians as ignoble savages that were rude and cannibalistic. They stated that the barbarians were wild and would consume the meat of their slaughtered parents , kinsmen and fellow neighbors. They said the barbarians had no sense of control and were cruel like animals. They described them basically as coming from another planet. They were seen as warlike, fierce and cruel, but they did not take into consideration the way the barbarians were brought to life and the harsh environment they were surrounded by. To be barbaric means to be aggressive and dangerous. These developed civilizations had these negative perceptions of the barbarians due to the fact that they were familiar with a different way of life and survival unlike the sedentary people that had everything in the palm of their hand, the barbarians had to fight and be harsh for
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