Psychological Effects Of Bullying In Schools Essay

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Negative Psychological Effects of Homework: How It Affects High School Students Health
Bullying has been problematic for many years and has taken various forms throughout the course of time. The most common form of bullying previously included verbal and physical actions in sometimes violent ways. Now, however, with the internet having been introduced in more recent years, a new form of bullying has emerged known as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying in simplest terms can be defined as “...bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets.“(7) The consequences that come with these actions are severe and are being fought against yet these efforts are not enough to stop this issue from growing. People around the world from different age groups are being affected by cyberbullying but it is having a bigger impact on high school students’ mental health. Students social, academic, and personal life is being negatively affected by the mental health problems they face after being victims of cybernetic bullying. Now the question at
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Since anything that goes on the internet is not always not removed or necessarily disappears due to screenshots, the impact of the aggression is prolonged. According to an article written by Dr. Wanda Cassidy, Associate Professor and Faculty of Education Director at SFU, recent studies on cyberbullying, among university students, show mental health impacts including anger, (social) anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, relationship problems, lower self-esteem, poor concentration, low academic achievement. (1) These effects can be long term and, as mentioned before, affect not only the victim, but the bully as well. The motive of It is important to keep in mind that cyberbullying can, in fact, be prevented as long as some measures are

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