Negative Racial Stereotypes

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1. Picture this, a person who is scared to do everyday action because of a negative racial stereotype placed upon themselves. a. A member of my family who will remain nameless, but we shall call James. For a majority of James 's life he was happy until a certain event changed his perspective on life forever. His father was beaten to death for the way he looked. James and his family were Indian and were mistaken for a Muslim. James was devastated during his fathers funeral just the idea of a person killing somebody just because they looked a certain way made James 's stomach turn with fear and great discomfort. Since of this event has happened to James had forgiven, but he will never forget. People need to be more aware
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1. The people of this class have filled out a survey as you all know, here are the results for the question, "What topic is more interesting? Ethnicity, Gender, or Age" (Give results in section A) So based on those answers I have decided to talk about ethnicity. More specifically the middle eastern population. a. 12 out of 19 people said they think ethnicity is more
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c. On, the blog author (Jack Cafferty) asked his co-workers "What is the least important college major?" Let 's back track, the reason Mr. Cafferty asked this question is because the tax people pay are going to fund said classes, and many adults that I know would say that taxes are to much money, so Mr. Cafferty would like to know what classes his co workers would like to take out. Back to the main focus one of his co workers was a former college professor and he would teach Middle East and Islamic studies and he said that, Middle East and Islamic studies class should be stopped because people simply do not care.I believe thjs is becuse people want to learn, but ghey dont set out to fjnd that info. They feel as if that hunger for knoledge if forfilled becuse off modern day entertajnment, whether its Jessie, a popular kkds show where they have an indian person portraied as a nerdy, weird, anit social person. Another examlle is the show Tyrant on FX where there is a middle easten character played by a person who isnt middle eastern. They castjbg directers had no comment on why they made this decision whjch is oddly

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