Negative Side Of Social Media In The Philippines Essay

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Cyber Bullying and the Negative Sides of Social Media in the Philippines Social media is present in our homes, at school, at offices, in television shows, everywhere. As it has become a part of our daily life, it has affected our way of life. The existence of social media makes communicating easier, quicker, and boundary-less but it also has negative effects on our country’s society (health, psychological, safety, privacy and social issues are just a few of the negative effects). One session on Facebook or Twitter, a few scrolls across your news feed or timeline, and you may already see a bunch of issues social media has generated (cyber bullying being one of them). With the advancement of technology and the use of social media, cyber bullying is now widely spread and more commonly…show more content…
Filipino media expert Tonyo Cruz stated that 44 million out of 100 million Filipinos have internet access, and 40 million of which are users of social media. According to research done by, Filipinos spend 6.3 hours using the internet and 4.3 hours on social media, while global usage averages at 4.4 hours and 2.4 hours respectively. This could be due to our country’s terrible internet speed average of 2.5 mbps, which places us in the bottom three of the countries with the slowest internet. Internet penetration has increased from 36% to 44% in 2015; social media penetration up from 32% to 40%. The Top 3 social media platforms of choice by Filipinos are Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Studies show that social media has become an integral part of Filipinos’ lives, and with this comes great responsibility for all users. The social media community here in the Philippines will continue to grow and its growth will depend heavily on the youth. The evolution of social media will be directed based on the youth’s needs, habits, and
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