Negative Speech: A Speech On Female Beauty Stereotypes

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One survey showed ninety-six percent of women don 't think they are beautiful, seventy-eight percent say they don 't feel confident in their own skin, that 's just one survey. How sad is it that while we are sitting in this room a very large percentage of girls don 't feel beautiful, good looking or confident. Every day we see models and think why don 't I look like her? What can I do to look like her? We know it 's photoshopped, airbrushed, plastic or fake, but we still want it, because we feel like that 's what beauty is its what guys like. If we don 't look like that we are ugly. Hello, teachers and fellow students today I will be talking about female beauty stereotypes.

I 'm sure at least half of the girls in this room had a Barbie doll, you know the ones with long legs, blue eyes, blond hair. When we watched a Disney movie the princess was beautiful and elegant, but the villains were not so beautiful and not so elegant. That 's what was put in our heads at such a young age. We are raised to think and to believe that we must have the perfect big eyes, the tiny nose, beautiful lips, beautiful legs, a small waist with a beautiful
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So many beauty “standards” that aren 't common or easy to fully achieve and it 's degrading to see people searching for some of these stereotypes in girls. Girls are striving for unrealistic results, a majority of girls are self-conscious and a lot of those girls are depressed, have anxiety or have
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