Speech On Veganism

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Eyes wide shut I was wondering how to begin my speech in order to make people interested or to avoid people laughing at me but the truth is that people are either ready to hear your message or they`re just not. So hello everyone – my name is Alex and I`m here today to talk about veganism and how it`s the best alternative we have right now. I want to start with that I`m not here to judge – I totally understand that each one of us has his path in life and his own point of view, so I want you to know that the reason I`m here is just to share my message and also make you guys think about some things that are hard to think about during our busy daily lives.
First of all I`m here to speak on behalf of the most opressed, most abused group of beings that has ever existed – the animals.
The animal industry Is the most profitable bussines on the planet since the
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Well no, this is the cicle of pain and torture. 75 % of the ainmals are herbivores (тревопасни) ! But why do we try to justify human behaviour on lion behaviour , or shark behaviour ? You have sell phone you have a computer- it is unfair to pick one thing that lions do and you wanna mimic , when you dont wanna mimic enything else they do . In an interview the famous activist Gary Yourofsky is asked the question “Lions kill zebras, and if they don`t they would starve to death. Isn`t that the circle of life? His answer was that sometimes lions kill their young and if a human being kill their baby cause they don`t want him we arrest them and charge him with murder. Could you go to court room and say “Hey, but your Honour, lions kill their babies, can`t I? We apperaly herbivores we have no carniviore or omnivores instincts. And just so you know lions are carnivores - humans are not. Phisiologically if your jaw moves from side to side and you chew you are hundred percent herbivore. if you are meat eater your jaw would only go like this --- reap and
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