Good Advertisements: Is Advertising Good Or Bad?

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FOA Rafael: Today we stand here to do a debate about whether advertising is good or bad. I myself fully support the existence of advertisements because advertisements are a vital part of business and society. Allow me to mention the positive effects of language techniques in advertisements. First, I will give you an example from the candy company Skittles, which has the slogan: “Touch the rainbow, taste the rainbow”. In this slogan we see the repetition of the word ‘rainbow’, a phrase which every consumer will notice when they buy a box of Skittles. Furthermore, the word rainbow also provokes the imagination - I myself imagine a picture of a bright sunny day with a colourful rainbow. It is just the way my brain works, and perhaps many others…show more content…
What’s the first thing you think of when you think about McDonalds? Is it your favourite burger? It might be, but it could also very well be its famous slogan: “I’m lovin’ it. It is a phrase that you will find on every box, bag or cup that is sold there. The reason for repeating this everywhere? Simple. To make the first thing that pops up into your head when you think about McDonalds, its slogan. It is extremely effective in taking your mind away from all the scandals about health and instead putting the slogan in the top of your head. It is a manipulative phrase, that because of its widespread repetition is deeply embedded in the brains of many consumers. Is that really a good…show more content…
Take the Disney ad, for example. According to Disney, Disneyland is ‘the happiest place on earth’ - not only is the audience led to believe that Disneyland is a place where you can be happy, it is stated that it is the happiest place on earth. I am personally not sensitive to this kind of rhetoric, but I can imagine that some people can be led to believe that Disneyland is actually some kind of paradise. This is far from reality, and I think that a growing problem is the gap between ads and reality. Tadau: To conclude, there are several techniques and methods that businesses use to influence us, the consumers. Some of them may be effective, meanwhile they are deceiving us and manipulating us to look at their brightly painted pictures, rather than at the stark reality. This needs to change. We need to look past the facade that advertising has become and instead face the reality. Rafael: I have to give my opponent some credit here, but I think the positive effects of ads do outweigh the negative effects. Nobody is forced to buy a product. When someone does, that is just an individual consumer’s decision. Finally, let us not forget that in spite of all the controversial techniques, ads also play an important role in shaping our

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