Negative Speech: An Introduction To The Cape Minstrels

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-In a debate of this nature, one is bound to see sparks fly. (Start a fight or argument {} / Discussions become heated or lively/incendiary/ provocative/ inflammatory/ rabble-rousing/ aggressive/ stirring/ rousing/ combustible)

-That remark is inflammatory. (Tending to arouse anger, hostility, passion, etc.: inflammatory speeches/ Pathology of or caused by inflammation {} provocative/ seditious/ fiery/ stirring/ inspiring/ incendiary/ inciting/ demagogic/ rabble-rousing)
~ You’ll be treated to some vintage Malema: the wildly inflammatory and unnervingly unpredictable rhetoric of excesses

-You will rarely have seen a man of my years conduct himself with such lissom abandon. (Unbounded enthusiasm; exuberance /a complete
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(To behave in a way that is free and relaxed, especially when you are enjoying yourself / to behave or express yourself in a free or forceful way {Farlex} get free/ escape/ make a break/ break away/ break free/ break loose/ burst out/ get out/ disentangle yourself/ break with/ separate from/ get away from/ chill out/ hang it all loose/ loosen up/ hang it all out/ enter into gay abandon/ make merry/ eat, drink, and be merry/ as merry as a cricket)
~ As we made our way through the crowd, my girlfriend suddenly cut loose with a song that made everyone stop and stare at us. (Burst out/ break loose)
~ Referring to the Cape Coons, dressed up in fancy costumes and going cuckoo, he said that he was aware that there are still people in the world who disgraced themselves in the manner described.(go wildly enthusiastic about something/ go cuckoo/with gay abandon/ wild/ thoughtless lack of restraint/ rock and roll/ in relaxed
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{Urban Dictionary} (The prima donna is the leading lady in a performance, and especially in opera. Can also be called a diva / a person that 's considered vain, temperamental and/or conceited / is now often used to describe someone arrogant, vain, or just plain bitchy {Urban Dictionary} get above themselves/ diva/ singer/ chanteuse/ soprano/bitch/exalted prophetesses/ colourful personalities/drama queens (and kings)/ flamboyant/ ostentatious/ outrageous/ loud/maverick/ individualist/ unconventional person/ one of a kind/ flashy/ affected/ showy/ brazen/ grandiose/ pretentious)

~ Maria Callas was one of the great dive (DEE-vay) of the twentieth century. A coloratura-spinto soprano, she was determined to be the best of the best on the stage {Urban Dictionary}

~ Then there are apostolic abusers and prophetic prima donnas, divas and all-out “exalted prophetesses” who walk in pride and pretence and don’t seem to care who knows it. {Jennifer LeClaire, news editor at

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