Donald Trump Accomplishments

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The President of the United States of America is never going to have an easy time, but it seems that Donald Trump, the nation’s current leader, is getting more negative press than any of his predecessors ever did. Granted, much of this is Trump’s own doing. He has introduced tax breaks for the rich, he has failed in amortizing America’s many hefty loans, and he has almost entirely eradicated international diplomacy.

While we don’t want to jump on the fake news bandwagon, we will concede that mainstream media outlets realize the majority of Americans dislike the President and see dollar signs in negative stories about him. Similarly, they are aware that touting Trump’s achievements will likely draw the criticism of the people and result in
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Tasked with appointing a replacement for the deceased Justice Antonin Scalia, the President set about finding somebody who would represent his views and protect the interests of his administration in every decision. That person turned out to be Neil Gorsuch.

President Trump’s decision came as a surprise to many political pundits given the fact that Gorsuch had previously labeled Trump’s criticism of the American judiciary system as “disheartening” and “demoralizing”. Still, Trump needed a big win to start his time in the White House off right and there could have been no bigger win at that time than pulling the Supreme Court out of chaos. On April 10th, 2017, Trump’s nomination of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court was approved, bringing a little-publicized end to the much-publicized year-long vacancy left by former Associate Justice Scalia.
Nashville Federal Courthouse

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While some of these accusations may admittedly be somewhat well-founded, the President had extended a series of olive branches to a series of the groups he has been accused of being prejudiced towards. These olive branches have been largely ignored by the media.

An early concern of the Trump administration was the upkeep and maintenance of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The museum is located in the US government’s backyard of Washington, D.C, so it was understandably one of Trump’s top priorities upon taking office. In May of 2017, the Donald appointed Howard M. Lorber as the museum chairman, thereby placing it under the watchful eye of a dedicated veteran of a number of charitable causes and philanthropic
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