Informative Speech: Delivering Customer Service

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I. Attention-getter Imagine leaving work late and you need to stop by a retail store to get a last-minute gift for a surprise birthday party tonight. Then imagine that you only pass two stores on your way home which carry the gift you have in mind. Although both stores carry the item you want to purchase, one store is less expensive. However, you are on a budget, therefore you choose the less expensive store. Now that you have entered the store, you notice that the item you are looking for, you cannot find, nor can you find anyone to assist you. Several employees have passed you but neither of them has taken the time to address you or ask if you need help, and each attempt that was made to get their attention, was waved off by saying, I…show more content…
III. Credibility Statement I have gained an understanding of this career field through my work as a customer service specialist in retail for over twenty years and through extensive research. And other scholarly articles. IV. Purpose or Thesis Statement Although, retail is a competitive business, quality customer service is vital to its success, therefore, if you are an aggressive enterprising person with business agility and desire to show homage to God through understanding and integrity in this business, Retail/Customer Service can be a good fit for you. V. Preview Statement In the speech to follow, I will explain retail/customer service, by first indicating the foundation and need for customer loyalty, second, defining retail and customer service and third, demonstrating how retail customer service provides favorable chances to connect with customers and clients by utilizing Godly values that conform to scripture. Transition: Let’s consider the fundamental objective…show more content…
What is retail and customer service? A. The Business of retail and customer service Retail is the sale of products to the public in fairly small portions for use or consumption. (, 2018). B. Quality customer service requires meeting and exceeding the presumption of others by interacting in a cordial and positive way. C. According to (Sparks, 1992) “…customer service is all about attracting, retaining and enhancing customer relationships”). VII. Retail customer service provides favorable chances to connect with customers and clients by utilizing Godly values that conform to scripture. A. God values honesty (2 Kings 12: 13-15) truthfulness without deceit with others and on the job (2 Corinthians 8:21). Retail customer service can demonstrate this Godly value. B. God values humility ( Matthew 5:5-9, Mark 9:35, Ephesians 4:1-6).By showing humility with customers and coworkers, a retail customer service rep promotes this Godly value. C. Lastly, God also values patience and understanding Romans (8:24-27), “A hot-tempered man stirs up strife, but he who is slow to anger quiets contention” (Proverbs 15:18 English Standard
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