Lonzo Ball Nba Rhetorical Analysis

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religious but not preachy. Shannon interjected that we don’t do preachy and Joy retorted that its about the interception Russell Wilson threw. Third topic: Lonzo Ball NBA (Individual ) 15 minutes and 26 seconds Joy Taylor begins the segment by say the was some good and some bad that happen to Lonzo Ball last night, the bad stuff he got rejected by Anthony Davis and he missed 11 of his 12 attempts from three and he missed a three with under 20 seconds left that would of gave the Lakers the lead, but he did have some good Lonzo had 13 rebounds and nine assists and Joy said that Luke Walton the Lakers head coach defended his point guard and video was played of Luke Walton saying that he wants his point guard…show more content…
And that there was reports of a players only meeting with the Spurs and Kawhi and the Spurs were asking for Kawhi to come back to play with the team for the team’s stretch run for the playoffs and Kawhi had only played 9 games this season, it was reported the meeting got intense and emotional. And Kawhi was reported as saying he will come back with the team when he is completely healthy, however Danny Green Kawhi’s Spurs teammate said the reports were not true. After Joy’s introduction to the segment she introduced Fox Sport 1 NBA analyst Chris Broussard and Joy asked the question to Shannon whose side he is on the Spurs or Kawhi? Shannon explained that he is on Kawhi’s side because him having been an athlete everybody’s not the same and that there are expected time periods for how long it takes for a person to come back from an injury and that Kawhi doesn’t want to come back till he feels ready. Shannon went on to say that he has played with people that will play when the are maybe 50% and he and Skip have seen people play injured but some players would play if their not at a 100%. Shannon explained that during his playing time they would not of held a meeting to beg someone to play and that the players should be worried about the players who are able to play because its not the players job to convince Kawhi to play. Broussard interjected and asked Shannon if he disagree with the Spurs players asking Kawhi to come back and play and Shannon answered yes. Skip interjected that the players were not begging Kawhi to play but they were challenging him, Broussard interjected with the question to Skip were they challenging him? Skip explained that the team was wanting to hear from Kawhi what was wrong with him and get a straight answer from him if he is coming back this season, because some of Kawhi’s teammates were saying that they got fooled into
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