Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mcdonalds Essay

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Purpose: At the end of my speech, the audience will be able to see the disadvantages that McDonalds Has On Their Bodies and would realize that McDonalds should be banned.
Introduction: Is There anyone in this class who eats McDonalds? How Often? Well I haven’t eaten McDonalds for the past 5 years, since my last food poisoning because of it. McDonalds was found in 1984, and now it has around 30,000 branches in 118 countries. However, 45% of the McDonalds branches are in USA.McDonalds has around 58 million customers daily worldwide.
Prince Charles, while touring a diabetes center in the United Arab Emirates, commented that banning McDonald’s is the key to health and nutrition. Don’t let the salads and chicken breasts fool you. The “chicken” at McDonald’s, by the way, comes with a whole lot more than chicken.In my opinion McDonalds should be banned for several reasons.
Central Idea: McDonalds’ food is a poison for our body for different reasons.
Preview: We must understand the effects of McDonalds food in order to understand that it should be banned.
Body Outline: І- Real food is perishable. With time, it begins to decay. It’s a natural process, it just happens. Beef will rot, bread will mold. But what about a McDonald’s burger? Karen Hanrahan saved a McDonald’s burger from 2009
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He was totally healthy at the beginning; he consulted a lot of doctors through the process and did a lot of blood tests. He became addicted to it, he had headaches and felt depressed when he didn’t eat McDonalds and couldn’t feel better until he ate. He had a fat liver and doubled his risk at getting heart disease and heart failure. He gained a lot of weight and his cholesterol level increased. His sex life was terrible and used to get tired easily. Even his girlfriend claimed that “He has a hard time getting it up”. He faced a lot of mood swings and massive

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