Pros And Cons Of Immigration Essay

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Rough Draft You wake up to the sounds of your parents yelling at you to get up and you get up alertly (you are only 2 years old). You and your parents start running to the car and your bags are already in the car. you guys start speeding down the highway and you start to doze off. Next thing you know your in san diego and staying at your aunts pace because you have no other place to go to and you know that you could not stay in mexico because it was too dangerous. So the only thing you can do is to stay where are at. You can’t even go outside to go to to the store without even being frightened to be pulled over because if you do get over then you have a high chance of being deported back to your country. Until one day when your family heard…show more content…
They were living in horrible living conditions and they did not know what was happening when their parents were doing. Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions have the most power in this decision and many people in the community are disagreeing to this decision and that it’s wrong because the immigrants did nothing wrong: “Trump and Sessions have created great uncertainty, for no good reason, for 800,000 people who have never done anything wrong and who add so much to our country (Chemerinsky 4)”. Most or all of the people brought into the U.S. were at an age where they do not remember anything that happened, so how could the congress deport the DACA recipients if they were brought into this country without remembering what had happened: “Uprooting them and deporting them, often to countries they left as small children (one study found that most were brought to the country before age 7), serves no one’s interests (Chemerinsky 2).” They were also brought into the U.S. because their parents wanted them to have a better life then they would have had in their original country: “Like so many others, Moreno’s parents brought him and two older brothers to the U.S. in the hopes of giving them a better life (Turnbull…show more content…
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