Negative Speech: Screen Time Limits Are Vital For Children

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Today in America the topic of wether technology is hurting or helping our youth is very common umong the public. Many people believe that TV, tablets, online games, and spending to much time looking at a screen can damage the childs development and learning skills while others believe that it helps them learn more faster. This topic of conversation has been going on since technology began to start expanding rapidly in the early 2000's. In the first passage, "Screen Time Limits Are Vital for Children," the author claims that screens are destroying our younger generations and causing more harm than good. Now, in my opinion i do believe that sitting in front of a TV for eight or more hours a day can harm your sight and your physical health, but at the same time i have to disagree with a lot of things in this article. I have two younger nephews- ages 2 and 3- who have tablets that they spend a few hours a day…show more content…
"It's Time To Let Go Of Screen Fears," the author speaks about how it is a common myth that if kids didn't have screens in front of them they'd be outside playing. I agree with the author on this topic not being true because even though my nephews are allowed screen time everytime the weather is nice enough to be outside they do not even hesitate to drop their tablets to go outside. Kids love playing outside, it's in their nature. No matter what you put on a screen in front of a child if you give them the option of going outside to jump on a trampoline, go swimming, or even ride bikes, they will for the most part choose playing outside. When my youngest nephew isn't allowed to go outside due to my sister having things to do in the house and not being able to watch him outside at the time, no screen will distract him. He will scream and cry and throw a fit until he's able to go outside with his siblings. Even his favorite TV shows and favorite games will not distract him from the fact that he wants to be playing
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