Pros And Cons Of Sweatshops And Globalization

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I. Topic: Sweatshops II. Title: The truth behind sweatshops and globalization III. General purpose: To inform, persuade and argue. IV. Special purpose: To inform the readers of the fact that factories known as sweatshops that are governed by multi-national corporations possess a great danger to the lives of the workers employed in them. V. Central Purpose: Sweatshops have become more common than they have been for the last decades or so. Unfortunately most people in the world are not aware of their existence; they fail to recognize what danger they possess and what purpose they serve in the global production market. Multi-national corporations establish such factories in developing countries to reduce their manufacturing costs, but in turn…show more content…
These workers are grateful for the little income and they do it with little to no complaints because they have to feed themselves and feed their families and children. II. Sweatshops and their consequences A. Sweatshops owners reap all the benefits. a) Multi-national companies that own such factories end up better off than ever before, raising profits by making their workers struggle. b) These multi-million global companies have the ability to increase their costs to fund the appropriate wages and maybe shorten the working hours, but they choose not to do so. B. Sweatshops might be the silver lining for unemployed people in developing countries. a) These workers might be in a worse position if big companies stop hiring them for less than minimum wage. If sweatshops were banned completely, a lot of people would have their only route out of poverty taken away from them. b) Such people might resort to other dangerous jobs such as prostitution and crime, to put food on their table. If it wasn’t for sweatshops then there would be many more unemployed people hitting rock bottom to feed their children or…show more content…
It has had significant effects on the living standards and the economy of developing countries in the world. An issue as controversial and emotive as this can never be black and white, it always has its pros and its con; however, there is no doubt that sweatshops mainly include very low wages and inhumane working situations among others. The main aim of this paper is to inform the readers about the working conditions provided to the workers in sweatshops, to make them aware of the responsibility that multi-national companies have in regards to these factories and the how these sweatshops can negatively affect the economic growth of the US

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