Brad Cohen's Stereotypes Against Tourette

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The purpose of this essay is to analyze its stereotypes against Tourette projected by the media through its characterization. Brad Cohen had a syndrome that makes weird noises and sounds, which was quite difficult for him to grow up. He got bullied by his mates and scolding from his teachers and principal. Besides, his dad did not understand his disease and felt that his child is a big headache for him. Meanwhile, his divorced mother was very supportive and helped him to find the solution to his Tourette’s. Then, he got kicked out from his school as the teachers and the principal did not realize his Tourette sickness. Therefore, he got into another school and surprisingly the principal understood his syndrome. Lastly, he went on a journey…show more content…
Using Brad‘s mother as an example, she continued to research about her child’s syndrome in the library and went to supportive groups in the church just like any other mother would do to help her child. Despite knowing the fact that there is no cure for this disease and his mother felt hopeless but she did not give up. His girlfriend Nancy didn’t bother about Brad’s Tourette as she was happy to be around him. For instance, both Brad and Nancy met in a coffee shop through online dating platform and got to know each other well. From this it proves that a person with syndrome can also date only if they have a charming personality. According to Connor and Bejoian (2006), citizens can be educated through films about different kinds of disability to prevent discrimination (p.53). Moreover, individual’s attitudes and behaviors can be changed towards disability people with the help of media. However, Negative stereotypes were also portrayed in the movie. Brad would get strange stares from the citizens who were annoyed by his noises. Such as Brad’s mother took him and his brother to a boutique to show designed clothes to her client and the client suggested her to take him to see a specialist. As well as, when Brad was telling his syndrome and aspiration to become a teacher to a police officer while the officer gave him a look that doubted his capability to become a teacher. This proposed negative stereotypes towards brad’s
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