Negative Stereotypes In Girlfriends

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As a child my mom used to religiously watch an American sitcom called , Girlfriends. Eventually, after her watching the show so much it became one of my favorite shows to watch too. At the time I didn’t understand the importance of having a show like Girlfriends run on air for multiple tv seasons and years. The show both defied stereotypes and gave positive representation for women of color, specifically black/African- American women. The show Girlfriends was written by a black woman and followed the lives of four black women. The cast of women on the show were diverse black women with different backgrounds, skills and flaws. I remember younger me admiring their beauty and their beautiful representation of sisterhood through friendship. Even though I wasn’t fully able to understand the show because it discussed things pass my knowledge as little girl , I was still inspired by the characters and wanted to be like them when I got older. The show Girlfriends help me realize how much influence the media can have on its audience. The show allowed various narratives of an underrepresent group to be shared on television. The show didn’t play into racial stereotypes that constantly follow black women in the media and made the characters generally relatable to its audience. The show was able to go against negative stereotypes that constantly are placed on black women and present positive representation. Despite the show going off the air over a decade ago there is still a need for
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