Gender Stereotypes In Politics

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Picture a world where no politicians existed and everyone had equal power to do whatever the heart desired. Many people would agree that the world would be a better place due to the many negative stereotypes about the group, yet if one were to think hard the world would be in complete chaos without its leaders. It is so often that appearances and attitudes play a major role in how a person is distinguished and little consideration goes to getting to know that individual. The usage of stereotypes and misconceptions to make assumptions about a person has been going on for the longest time; this unfortunately gives the wrong perspective and puts people in categories in which they do not belong in. Moreover stereotypes and misconceptions are used…show more content…
This is a complete misconception because ever since the word politician was invented women have been there playing a huge role. Even though women are still a minority in the group of politician these strong individuals have as much power as the men. I can say from my 18 year experience growing up in one of the most political countries (The United States) women have always been a part of politics whether it is dealing with conference, suggesting reforms, or signing bills. Recently women have shown the extent of the power that is in all women when Hillary Clinton ran for president. Even though she did not win she was able to show that men are not the only ones who carry the power women are just as important politicians. To add on women are not behind the scenes writing the scripts like people would like to believe, these women are dedicating their life to politics. Politicians are just misunderstood because many people are still holding on to the belief that women are still in the same position in which no power is granted to them. However it is obvious that politicians are not only men women also share this
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