Negative Stereotypes In The Media

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This is to show why in modern America, media and commercial art have achieved a strong consensus on their portrayal of the working class. In our modern society, for better or worse, television has become an integral part of American life. Unfortunately, rapid improvement in technologies have altered the social behaviors and chipped away many valuable practices and values as a human being. Rapidly changing social behaviors with materialism have influenced misconception about working-class people and often, they are portrayed as status that is not socially acceptable. In modern culture, it is almost seem as if the media dictates how our lives should be, and how each individual will be defined; based on their social status and the level of their earthly possessions. This work will use the 1987-1995 ABC situation comedy Roseanne, as well as several other television programs with instances from the modern reality and talk show formats, to show that the American working-class has been consistently portrayed as grotesque and tasteless, while at the same time, their struggles are portrayed by the same media as being either due to poor decisions or a lack of effort.

Casual Analysis Argument about the Media
The working class is, foremost, underrepresented in American television, but when they are portrayed, it is through simplistic and most often, negative stereotypes. On the 1987-1995 ABC sitcom Roseanne, The Conners decorated their home with “a living room sofa and
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