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An one-year or two-year gap request

Dear BSA Committee of the Faculty of Law,
This is Yilong Lin, a second year PPLE student.
Last year I applied for a postponement of my Negative Binding Study Advice due to my depression. A year later, now, the personal circumstance is not improving. Even though it is quite painful, I have to admit that I cannot hold the depression without a gap from the university. Hence I apply for it, an one-year, two-year or half a year gap. And on top of that, I need to apply a suspension of my Negative Study Advice. These are needed for the benefit of my health and for my study: a suspension and a gap allow me to have the free time and space that are necessary for my recovery and prevent me from losing the chance of education due to the disease.
Following I will present how it went so far and how it had influenced my study in the past year.
In the
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I knew once I pass the PSS and Eco, I will be largely certain I can pass the year. During the time, the bad thing was, I constantly felt stressed; my sleeping pattern was not good; and I suffered badly in the morning and night. It was really difficult but I did everything I could. I managed to attended most PSS lectures and kept following. However, that was the block that I was informed multiple times that the AON insurance company won’t cover my treatment cost because the is an “chronical” in the diagnosis letter. I was so feared about the additional burden on my parents that I cancelled all my therapies on February 10th. And later, I found the cost of treatment was over 4000 euros. On March 20th, AON officially reject my case. I started to fall behind in courses after the third week. My memory got poorer, and everyday suffering made the exam preparation very difficult. I could do little things for

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