Negative Video Games

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Video games are enjoyable for people and have good benefits for children who use their multiple skills to play and interact with others. In many parts of the world, the common video game is often seen by parents as something that is wasting their child 's time or “rotting their brain”. It is a popular misconception that video games are bad for children. What parents do not know is the positive things about video games. Video games have a positive impact on people and help them learn things for experiences to come. People often do not understand that violent video games are not harmful to people because video games allow people to release their anger, video games decrease crime in youth, and because they allow people to be creative and test their skills while exploring.

Children are continuously trying new things through technology, it is always allowing them to experience things that are good for them in many different ways. Many video games that are released teach children to test their skills and explore the possibilities of video games and apply their skills in real life. Children nowadays can get on their device and explore the world of video games without consequences. The article "Essential Facts About Videos Games", by the ESA, says that children can experiment with many different things in a safe setting while exploring aggression without consequences (4). This shows people that children can have fun when playing video games and can experience what it is like to
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