Negatively Affected By People Using Social Media

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About 24% of teens are constantly on social media. Many people using social media can be negatively affected in many ways. Using social media can cause cyberbullying, loss of privacy or security, and getting too addicted to social media. Have you ever seen negative comments on your posts through social media? Have unpleasant messages ever been sent to you by the same person? If you have, this person is cyber bullying you. More than twenty-five percent of teens are bullied through social media. Bullying can lower someone 's self esteem. Sometimes when bullying is taken too far, the victims can get hurt. Cyber bullying gives bullies a way to torment others without them showing their identity. Photos and videos can be posted without identification, and can spread to many people quickly. When someone gets bullied online, they don 't know when the bullying will stop. Bullies can reach the victim when ever he or she wants to. Sometimes, cyberbullying can be very difficult to…show more content…
People can lose security by having a social media account. Today, many social media account owners have talked to strangers on the Internet. According to a website called Child Abduction and The Internet, sixteen percent of teens are thinking about meeting strangers they talk to through social media. Eight percent of teens have already met with someone that they only know through the Internet. This can be very dangerous because many people make fake accounts pretending to be someone else. Many teens are tricked by predators on the Internet into meeting them or giving up their home address. Hackers could also hack into social media accounts finding out personal or private information. Dealing with social networking sites can be very dangerous and can result in losing privacy or
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