Negatives And Disadvantages Of Facebook

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With the start of internet services, so many web pages have been uploaded on the internet and the same thing is still done today. And the most remarkable of these entire upload happened in February 2004. It was launched by the student of Havard University named Mark Zukerberg. It started from its use from the group of small group of people, and then became the mostly used in the world today. Facebook is the biggest social network that has the biggest number of user in the world. It is the mostly used and the famous in the world of network today with 250 million users. Though there are much users, there are equally same amount of impact on life, be it positive or negative. The sad thing is that there are more disadvantages than the advantages. After the use of facebook the person tends to forget other thing and if he/she doesn’t log on to facebook he/she feels that as if something is bothering him/her. The person has to use facebook to get rid of the thing that is bothering him/her so the person gets addicted to the facebook like a person getting addicted to drugs and alcohol. So the facebook is like a drug and we should not get addict to it or otherwise we have to face the consequences of addiction later. “Unlike previous generations, after our death there will remain something beyond life-long accumulated clutter -- our Facebook pages.” (Lyuve, 2011) "While nobody can deny that Facebook has altered the landscape of social interaction, particularly among young people, we
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