Negatives Of Christopher Columbus

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Each story has multiple versions from different perspective. In this case, we have the two main sides, the Taino’s and the European’s. Both sides might say the same thing, however, they might be different when it comes to how they justify their actions and how they described the situation. For example, some might say that Columbus is a great explorer and a navigator because he discovered America in 1492. However, in other cases, he is thought of as the person who mistook the Americas as India and initiated the genocide of the Taino people. You might remember back in grade school about Columbus’ great adventures and discoveries, however, you might not recall learning about the genocide and mistreatment of the Tainos, that is because Columbus is perceived as a hero not a murderer.…show more content…
One of the biggest lies that is told to kids when learning social studies is about his discovery of the Americas. At an early age, we are taught to believe that Columbus discovered America in 1492, when in fact, the Tainos were already living there. Because there are many sides of the story, even traveling back in time and experiencing both sides will not give you the exact perspective as the individuals who were present during that time period. As we grow up we become more mature about the topic and are lectured about the true events that took place. We uncover the truth about his true objectives, his intentions, the crimes he and his men committed, and everyone’s contribution to the genocide and mistreatment of the Tainos. The list goes
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