Why Do People Choose Their Own Government

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Shouldn’t we leave governing our country to experts instead of letting citizens vote on how best to steer the “ship of state”? Democracy is where voting is used to aid the political system in determining who will lead and run a country. The citizens of a nation actively participate in politics and civic life as well as protection of the human rights of every citizen. It is also seen as a rule of law, in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens because every citizen has a say in issues that directly affect their lives. Democracy is seen as a way of fairly governing a nation and with all things equal it is an ideal way of rule which is practiced by most of the nations of the world. The reasons why democracy is seen as an ideal method of governing a nation are many. With letting people chose their own government is that it…show more content…
Firstly there is more emphasis on quantity over quality. Majority rule does not always bring in the right people into power. Inefficient corrupt people can get themselves elected who do not have the people’s interest at heart and up leading the nation to disarray. The people often chosen through voting have their own self- interests or not always the experts needed to run a country. Voting does not allow citizens to see whether or not a person is properly qualified to run a nation it is mostly driven by emotion as opposed to actual thought out processes. Democracy is seen to promote unnatural equality. People are bore differently with different interests, different aptitudes and different traits. People’s interests differ due to their make-up. Some are courageous, other are not. Some healthy, others not so healthy. Some have the ability to make money which they can use to their advantages be it good or bad other are not inclined that way. Because of this inequality it is very difficult trust the judgment of majority

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