The Role Of Music In The Education System

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The answer, Yes. Nevertheless, there is a word count I need to meet in order to hand this in, so, let us get started.

The Education System has been facing budgets cuts and is having to prioritise which subjects should get more funding than others. Be that as it may, Music seems to be at the bottom of the list when it comes to funding, but why is this?

One of the primary reasons why music is getting less funding is because there has been a decrease in those doing Music. A report from the Guardian found that there has been a 7% drop in GSCE entries this year. This means when funding for different subjects is considered music is pushed to the bottom because the money needs to go to the majority. However, this has a rippling effect on pupils.
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Many presume that because there is a fall in those pursuing the subject, then it only logical to deposit the money elsewhere. Another point made is that music can be a very gloomy subject. In an article by 'Classroom' called "Negatives of Music in School" it points out how music can be a distraction from academic subjects this is because

"They claim that students will spend too much time on practicing, trips and performances, which will affect their ability to do their homework and study."

This Is more pointed at those who take a lesson within school time, but the budget will affect them too and the majority of kids going to those lessons also take music as a subject at Highers or the equivalent. This means they will get those lessons for free. I mean I'm not complaining because I like my free lessons, I'm just stating the facts. However, this is a valid argument; how can it be educational if you are skipping class weekly for a lesson? But maybe the class is boring, and the kid is distracted because they find the subject mind-numbingly dull. This is a valid point if you want to do well you need to focus on study and homework because, again, nowhere is going to be interested in your music
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In this study, a serious of tests were carried out to find how the pupils learning instruments were doing in other aspects of education. In the this comment is made about the results "the data show quite clearly that the music students made more progress in their learning than their peers. This is significant: the data say that irrespective of their starting points, progress in learning was better for the students taking instrumental/vocal lessons."This shows that music a strong factor in the education system as it impacts on the ability elsewhere to
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