Negatives Of Pornography

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Pornography has taken a firm hold on the world and it’s control only grows everyday. Porn is a common sin that many fall victim to due to a lack of self-control and guidance. Catholic Social Teachings even address the topic of porn to guide the modern human to maintain dignity and common good throughout society. The use of pornography negatively impacts the modern human by preying on their weakness and dragging them into a cycle of sin. In order to overcome the addiction of pornography, one must want change and take active steps to regain the virtue of chastity. Porn started out as printed magazines, but in 2018 it has evolved to free online usage and has become easy to access. From a secular standpoint, pornography is visual stimulation regarded…show more content…
One of the greatest things affected by pornography is a human’s relationships with others. Those who are active users of porn isolate themselves from their spouse. They form a wall between what is meant to be a happy union as the user looks outside of the marriage for pleasure. The spouse themselves feel the isolation and lack of intimacy from their partner. As Bought with a Price points out: “how much more so is it a sin against the human dignity of the one who was promised the exclusivity of affection?” (30). The marriage couple vowed commitment to each other, and instead the user is seeking pleasure outside of their spouse. In a way, the user is rejecting their spouse and indirectly stating how their spouse is not enough for them. Porn also affects the view themselves. The point of porn is to maintain pleasure through a purely sexual act. This contradicts the purpose of pleasure and sexuality, which is meant to be experienced with your spouse. Therefore, the use of porn “damages the very human qualities that make intimacy possible” (32, Bought with a Price). Intimacy and sexuality is eroded in the viewer as they view sexual acts as just a means to an end. It is no longer about forming a trusting bond with another person, but a meaningless couple minutes that result in a more empty feeling than before. All sense of intimacy is lost in the viewer, and they selfishly focus on getting pleasure.…show more content…
According to Jim Owens addiction is defined as “compulsive behavior despite negative consequences” (Lumen Veritatis). A person addicted to porn may be fully aware of it’s destructive nature, but despite the facts the viewer still chooses to use it. It is compulsive to them, and something they do so often they soon forget the moral corruption they face. Those who use porn are stuck in an endless cycle which becomes nearly impossible to break. They form this bad habit by continually using it until it becomes routine. For many, they use it over three times a week. The constant use of porn forms a habit, and as the habit grows it transforms into an addiction. Soon the viewer cannot break away from pornography. On a scientific level, “porn floods the brain with brain responds by trimming back dopamine receptors...and the user chases their first high” (Lumen Veritatis). The first time a person views/uses porn receive an overload of hormones in their brain. This is the “first high”, and as a response the brain trims down the dopamine receptors. The brain does this because it is overwhelmed with dopamine, and therefore trims down the brain itself. The viewer will never get that same first rush, and they spend a large amount of time chasing their first time. They don’t realize they’ll never get that again. Pornography is an addiction and something very difficult to overcome, however,

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