Advantage Of Technology

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Imagine waking up one day and realizing the technology we rely on so much has disappeared. It would not be a very enjoyable sight. Yet, we still believe technology will have a negative impact on our world. It would become very difficult to live as in recent years, technology has been an essential to human life. Technology In the last couple years, technology has completely revolutionized our world in every aspect. Whether it be in business, agriculture, or education. Technology has completely changed how we live, and how we accomplish our goals. Today, innovations in technology have been life-changing, and it has benefit us in many features of life. Technology has benefitted us in improving our economy, society, and helping the environment.…show more content…
Technology may be cost heavy, but it has helped us save time, and money. One of the key areas where technology has helped us is in mechanizing agriculture. Before technology was helping agriculture, it took a lot of people to grow little quantities of crops. With state-of-the-art technology at our fingertips, we can turn this lose-lose situation, into a win-win one. With technology, it uses a small number of people to produce large quantities of crops. Another huge advantage is that technology can help make genetic crops which can grow faster and can avoid diseases. While doing so, it also makes rich soil, which boosts the growth of the plants as well. Irrigating crops is a very difficult task for farmers in dry places, but with advanced water sprinklers, it can help irrigate big areas, and it insures that all crops get enough water. What differs this advanced sprinkler from any ordinary one is it uses special water to help the growth of the crops. Another point is that technology also helps make renewable energy. A few well-known examples include solar power, wind power, and hydroelectric power. Also, instead of using cars with fuels, autonomous cars that use electricity is much more environmentally
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