Negatives Of Torture Research Paper

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Torture; A Way to Fine the Truth
Torture is the means of use of physical force to find the answers the aggressor is looking for. The use of Torture has saved many people’s lives by gathering information on terrorist groups, finding weapons of mass destruction, and stopping future plans of harm to innocent people. Torture has its positives but at the same time its negatives, but torture is a good means for finding what you want to know.
Torture has been used for many years, dating all the way back to Ancient Egyptian time period all the way to modern time today. There have been multitudes of forms of torture each more excruciating then the last. Torture has been used a form of punishment in the past. Sometimes even for the joy of men like Vlad
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“…If the victim survives, there are long term harms to that person, because their identity has been broken by this process of controlling their minds and bodies. When released, they are unable to function again in society. They are likely to be psychologically damaged for the rest of their lives, suffering trauma or finding it difficult to trust others. That is still a significant amount of damage to one life and directly impedes their autonomy. So, it is never justified to use utilitarian morality in decision making.” (Source D). There have been many cases of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in people who have been subjected to torture, but beside the effects of the torture is the view we are given off when we torture a human being for only information. It makes our country look bad and the way we do things…show more content…
“Anything we do to our captives will still be nothing compared to what they do to our soldiers when captured. As we saw with the American POWs in Iraq, it doesn 't matter how well we treat prisoners, our soldiers will always be faced with brutal torture or death. Consider the terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay.” (Source E). We do not torture our POWs for long extents at a time like ISIS has too many other POWs. We feed, clothe, bath, and even allow other religious affairs go on with our
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