Negatives Of Tourism

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Positive Economic Impacts of Tourism Sector on the Environment The impacts of tourism refer to the interaction of a tourists with a different type of place and environment than the one found at their home, they can be either economic, social, cultural and environmental. The relationship with the tourism and environment is held to be either positive and negative. According to Andrew Holden (2016), the tourism system has some important inputs from an environmental perspective which includes natural, cultural and human resources. The system has three subsystems which as tourism retailing, destination and transport, all of which are interrelated. Within the destination subsystem, the importance of natural and cultural attractions is emphasized as the basis for attracting tourists. The outputs of the system can be both positive and negative in hat tourism can both conserve and destroy nature while bringing positive and negative economic cultural changes. Another output of the tourism system that is desired by governments is tourists’ satisfaction must be guaranteed. (pp.9-10) The recreational activities related to tourism does not exert as pressure on the environment, they bring sustainability towards it. For instance, tourists now have interest in Jamaican wildlife, the government should invest in this area to add beautification and add a price to it, as well as educate persons on how to preserve sea creatures like coral reefs, sea turtles and fishes, this is sustainable

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