Neglect And Abuse Affecting School Habits Essay

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Neglect and Abuse affecting school habits People all around can blame many things for things for not getting a good education but im here to explain that the reasons you may have about this topic could not be true or that you have been trained to think that what you hear is correct and not reality .So people have many things to argue and this is a great time to argue the reasons of why kids just don 't do good in school. There are people that say that the teachers are too hard an that there unfair but thats not the case you could say that about yourself maybe but what about the other people around you ? D o these people not count and there stories might be very different from yours also like what if those people have issues at home that don 't allow them to show up to school or what if they don 't have anyway to go to school . So there are reasons that kids fall behind or just don 't do good in school and i have some of the real reason on why kids fall short in there academics .The reasons that students fall short academically are Neglect, and Abuse . Neglect can come in many…show more content…
In conclusion the real affects of why students do bad in school isn 't because they don 't feel like doing there homework or because they think its too hard or it 'll take forever or that there teacher is just straight up mean but that some people have no choice . Which doesn 't allow them to do good in school or just to escape were crazy families and i don 't just say this just to say this but thats the truth behind the ugly doors in the world that there are bad people that don 't allow our youth to become what they need to become to insure our future. So i just wonder whats doing on in the minds of the parents who think that they don 't need to go to school and lets treat our kids the way we want to treat them and lets use them for our own benefits and not insure our great nations next coming generation. so now i leave this question unto you whats the real reason that

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