Genocide In Darfur

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The Negligent Carnage in Darfur
Genocides are almost always started when a malevolent person who has so much hatred leads blind people to commit atrocious acts. In many countries people feel marginalized and discriminated against. In Darfur of 2003, two rebel groups went against the government and claimed to be oppressed (“Darfur Genocide”). The Khartoum government felt attacked, so he ordered the Janjaweed to brutally and maliciously raid communities. The lamentable events that caused the Darfur Genocide exemplify how many factors led to the gruesome killing spree including the Khartoum government harsh actions, the rebel groups going against the government, and the Janjaweed’s terrible intent to slaughter and molest Darfurians.
The vicious
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Evidence reveals that human nature can be cruel and unforgiving. Unfortunately genocides still continue to happen today because there are still fascist people in the world who feel superior to other ethnic groups. Events like this teach us that equality is important and that fitting in is not more important than doing the right thing. Future genocides can simply be avoided by awareness. If we keep watch of what is going on in other countries, we can send help to suffering countries who are facing discrimination and stop genocides from getting out of hand. In life, treating people as equal is the best way to prevent these chauvinistic murders. Moreover genocides should never be the solution no matter how logical it appears to be and how many people are doing…show more content…
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