Negro National Anthem Analysis

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Who are the individuals noted as being pivotal pioneers for the Negro National Anthem?
Essentially two people; James Weldon Johnson and John Rosamond Johnson are noted as being pivotal pioneers for the Negro National Anthem. They were two brothers. James Weldon Johnson really composed this work in a type of a poem and his brother John Rosamond Johnson set music to this melody.
What year was the first performance of this song? When and Where?
This song which is also called as Negro national anthem was first performed as poem as part of a celebration of birthday of great leader Abraham Lincoln on 12th February 1900, by school children at the segregated Stanton School.
Influence/ Significance
Which group/organization
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The conclusion is the part of the song in which the singer or singers express the problem that needs determination. The hundreds of years that blacks have spent in America have been loaded with the repulsions of slavery and the prejudice and discrimination that took after. The impacts of this past were all the while being felt at the season of the civil rights movement with the act of isolation and the disavowal of civil right to the black group. These activities kept blacks from accepting equivalent open doors in all areas of society. This song perceives this as the principle calculate that is keeping blacks from accomplishing the treatment they merit. Historical references can be seen all through with general remarks that allude to how troublesome it has been for blacks in…show more content…
This part of the song manages the answer for the already expressed problems. In response to the problems of the past, James Weldon Johnson observes the answer for be a solid association with God and an inspirational point of view toward the future. The religious theme present all through this song corresponds with the religious demeanor present in numerous songs of the time. At the point when times got unpleasant, black individuals had figure out how to depend on religion as an approach to keep soul up and confidence that there would be better days to come. The principal stanza of this song perceives religion as a noteworthy part of the past by saying that the unforgiving background blacks have had, created confidence in their God. The second part of the quote perceives the significance of religion in giving would like to the present day
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